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admin April 27, 2023

Fresh Sticks From Graham Smith

New batch of boards shaped by Graham Smith!

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admin February 21, 2023

New Boards Update! - February 20

A few crispy like-new boards and some more used shortboards!

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admin February 3, 2023

New Boards Update! February 3

Update of new boards that have hit the shop in the last few weeks!

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admin January 30, 2023

Bay Street Boys in Skate 3!!

Throwback to when the Bay Street Boys were featured in Skate 3!! Hardcore mode!!

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admin January 27, 2023

Vintage, Collector's Boards!!

Bunch of vintage surfboards have hit the shop!! Collectors ACTIVATE!

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admin January 3, 2023

Super Ocho 1973! Flashback Tropical Surf Movie! Shop Premiere!

This Friday we have the special chance to premiere a surf movie that’s 50 years old and never been seen. Join us!

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admin December 19, 2022

New Surfboards Update - December 19

Update of new boards that have come into the shop in the last week. Fishes, longboards, mid-lengths! Used and new.

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admin November 23, 2022

BSB Winter Gear is Here!! Hoodies, Beanies, and More!

Winter Gear is In!!! Winter is coming! Luckily the shop is stocked on all…

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admin November 17, 2022

New Shaper Alert!! Fresh Batch of Boards from OC Shaper Jacob Guillen!

Yooo Jacob Guillen just popped onto the scene and brought the shop a batch…

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admin November 11, 2022

Board Swap This Sunday! Stop By for Major Deals! Surfboards Galore! Barbecue Bonanza!

Board Swap This Sunday! Don’t Miss Out on Major Deals! BBQ! If you’re looking…

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admin November 3, 2022

Board Swap November 13! Come On Down!

BOARD SWAP COMING November 13!!! Come by the shop to sell/swap/display all your boards,…

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admin April 29, 2022

New T-Shirts for Summer!

Sante came through with some crazy new designs for this summer! The Lion of…

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admin April 10, 2022

Flo's Footy Files - Episode 1

When it comes to skateboarding videography, shop homie Flo is the guru. Aside from…

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admin March 1, 2022

New Hours and New Website!

⚡️Starting today, we are extending the shops hours!⚡️ Catch us from (10am-6pm) / Mon-Sat)...

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