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Prices can't be beat!
I came to Bay Street looking to get a board to learn to surf on and the staff was super helpful. They got me set up with a great longboard and even took the time to show me how to use the roof racks on my car.

Would definitely check this place out as the prices can't be beat and they're super nice people working at a local shop.

Johnny N

July 2023


Good work and good vibes!
Rarely use Yelp, but after such a great experience at this surf shop, I had to show some love. Just moved to LA and have been trying to find a shop that doesn't just sell clothing, but actually has ding repair etc. Needed some TLC for my board before heading to Mex and Sante was there to fix it up with a sander and all! Popped out a rusted screw and got me sorted. Good work and good vibes!

Anna P

May 2023


Went above and beyond.
Awesome service! Came in to get my bearings switched out since I had purchased new ones but didn't want to mess up the installation process (I'm bad with this kind of thing). Came in expecting to pay, but they said it was on them. Not only did he install it for me, he went above and beyond and taught me how to install the bearings for the future. He installed it perfectly by the way. Would highly recommend this place!

Joshua J

November 2022


Dope old school surf shop!
If you want a dope old school surf shop that has not succumbed to corporate peer pressure like so many others, this is your spot.

Conor O

May 2022


Love everything!
I love everything about this shop. From the vibe when you walk in to the shop clothes they make. Pretty sure most of my wardrobe says bay st boards at this point. I believe in supporting local business especially one named after a spot you've surfed your whole life. I can assure you these dudes are locals and not outsiders profiting off local culture. Quite frankly, I refuse to spend my money elsewhere cause they dudes deserve it more than any other shop I know. Great work Sante and Gale!!

Josh O

August 2023


Board shipped from LA to NYC!
I worked with Gale to have a board shipped from LA to NYC, and he made the entire process so seamless! My board arrived on time and in perfect condition. Can't recommend this shop enough!! Thank you for everything.

Taylor L

April 2023


Support your local skate shop!
From art shows, to premieres, to surf and skate, this place has it all. Great group of guys and solid array of everything you could possibly need. Support your local skate shop!

Sean S

September 2020


By far raddest skate shop!
Bay Street Boards is by far raddest skate shop on the west side! Its location adjacent to Stoner Park and the WLA Courthouse is amazingly convenient for local skaters. The other day I broke a bearing at Stoner and just walked over to Bay St... Sante gave me a free one and I was back at the skate park in 30 mins! The shop is cozy, yet well stocked, and great customer service is bestowed upon everyone who walks in the door regardless of their skill level on a board.

Thanks Bay St for showing love to local skateboarders!

Colin H

June 2015


Couldn't recommend more!
I've gotten my board fixed twice at Bay Street and they always do an awesome job quick! They genuinely care about your board and give you advice on the fix or other helpful accessories. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this gem, I couldn't recommend more!

Christina D

March 2023


10/10 for sure!
The guys in there were super helpful and friendly. Highly recommend if your a beginner skater looking to buy your first board. They are always glad to help you find the right board that works for you. 10/10 for sure.

Sean C

September 2021


One hell of an experience!
Definitely thought I left a review, either way, this ones ferda boys! Galey, from the moment I walked in, had all the answers! Made my same day dreams come true with no hassle and no over thinking. I really prefer shopping with people who can point me in the right direction without making it overly complicated, these guys did just that. Happy as life with my purchase! Thank you Emerald, thank you Galey and the comedian behind the register who kept up with me and the jokes one hell of an experience!‍

Naomi G

March 2021


Really happy with quality of my repair!
This place is awesome and I'm really happy with the quality of my repair! I needed an epoxy fill on a small but deep gash on my board and they fixed it up great. Estimated lead time for repairs is 3-4 weeks, but it was done in 1.5! I picked up some other gear here as well and will definitely be back the next time I need any repairs. Plus the staff is super friendly (shout out to Emerald for all your help)!

Kylie T

January 2021


They got you covered in anything!
This is the best shop, and I highly recommend paying them a visit to experience attentive and genuine care that can only be offered by a family-run business like this. You will see that they got you covered in anything you can think of, from gear, apparel, repairs, lessons, and everything else in between.

Mike S

April 2019


By far favorite surf shop!
By far my favorite surf shop. The dudes working there are extremely friendly and helpful. Got a board on Craigslist with seriously broken fin and box and dings. The dude explained me how to fix it with some polyester resin and gorilla glue. They even gave me some sanding paper and a fin screw free of charge. I fixed the board myself and had a blast riding it!

Have been back a few times to get more repair materials for my boards and had great experience every time! Will definitely be back again next time I need any surf supplies or a new board.

Sashko Z

July 2020


Best surf/skate shop in town!
Best surf/skate shop in town! Plus, if you are looking for board repair, this is the place to go! I don't trust anyone else with my surfboard. The two brother's that own the shop are solid dudes! They are both expert and passionate surfer/skaters so you are guaranteed to get the best advice on gear during your shopping experience.

Jordan W

December 2018


Pure surf shop, no corporate crap!
This place rules, Sante and Gale are always good company. The shop is a work of art, good people and great product. Sometimes I go there just to see the new art pieces that have been created. Always great vibes. This place is a perfect example is a pure surf shop, no corporate crap, just people who love riding boards, skate or surf. Much love.

Mr G

December 2018