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Bay Street Boards is a surf and skate brand based in Santa Monica, California. Founded in 2014 by two brothers with the goal of providing accessible, top-quality gear and services, Bay Street Boards has since cultivated a rich community of skaters, surfers, and artists around a shared love for board-riding.

Surfboard Rentals

Swing by the shop for any of your surf rental needs! Our fleet of soft tops and wetsuits are ready to be taken to the ocean.

Founder & Co-Owner

Galeazzo Bentivoglio

Galeazzo, known by most as Gale, is the oldest brother in the fam. Always on the move, he's ready to fill any role, whether it be repairing boards or doing the accounting.

Designer & Skater

Kevin Hairston

Kevin is first and foremost a world class skater, but in his off time from Stoner Park he gives us a hand in the shop with all things skate and tech. His background as UX designer is what keeps us looking good online.

Founder & Co-Owner

Sante Bentivoglio

Sante is an artist, skater and all-around craftsman. He the in-house artist who is behind all the Bay Street designs, and he is the head honcho of our repair operation.

Francesco Bentivoglio

Shop Master

Francesco Bentivoglio

Francesco is the youngest brother of the family, and has recently come on full time to help the shop. Cesco helps keep the shop in order, whether that be helping customers or processing inventory.