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Founded in 2014, we are proud to be Santa Monica's premier local surf and skate shop.

Our Roots

Bay Street Boards is a family-owned surf and skate shop in Santa Monica, California.

Run by two brothers, Galeazzo and Sante, who grew up surfing and skating all over Santa Monica and Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on being a small core shop that can take care of all your surf and skate needs!



Our story actually doesn’t begin in Santa Monica, but in the tropical breezes of Caracas, Venezuela.  Our pops, Luca Bentivoglio, learned to surf back in the 60s in Caracas and went on to explore previously un-surfed Costa Rica in the early 70s.

His love for surfing and adventure is the real beginning of our family surf story.


A few decades later he moved to Santa Monica and had two kids, us!   Growing up going to surf Malibu with Pops and spending the rest of the day at Douglas Park skating with our friends was our intro to the culture.



The Shop

The shop started in 2014, a time where there weren’t really many of the local shops of old.  With iconic shops that we frequented in our childhood like Horizons West and Islands in mind, we decided to open up and give back to the community that gave us so much growing up.

Our Staff

Here's the crew you will find at our Santa Monica location!

Galeazzo Bentivoglio

Founder & Co-Owner

Galeazzo Bentivoglio

Galeazzo, known by most as Gale, is the oldest brother in the fam. Always on the move, he's ready to fill any role, whether it be repairing boards or doing the accounting.

Emerald Benjamin

Social Media

Emerald Benjamin

The latest addition to our team, Emerald has been helping us take our media to the next level. He's most likely to be the one up in your DMs or picking out the perfect wetsuit for you!

Sante Bentivoglio

Founder & Co-Owner

Sante Bentivoglio

Sante is an artist, skater and all-around craftsman. He the in-house artist who is behind all the Bay Street designs, and he is the head honcho of our repair operation.

Francesco Bentivoglio

Shop Master

Francesco Bentivoglio

Francesco is the youngest brother of the family, and has recently come on full time to help the shop. Cesco helps keep the shop in order, whether that be helping customers or processing inventory.

Henry Power

Shop Manager

Henry Power

Our longest tenured helping hand and Shop Manager. He is master of all technical details of both surf and skateboards, a wealth of knowledge waiting to help you pick out the best set up for your needs!

Kevin Hairston

Designer & Skater

Kevin Hairston

Kevin is first and foremost a world class skater, but in his off time from Stoner Park he gives us a hand in the shop with all things skate and tech. His background as UX designer is what keeps us looking good online.

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Have Any Questions?

Contact us at any time with any of your questions and we will get back to you ASAP! Whether its a quote for a ding repair or a general question about skate gear, simply fill the following contact form and we'll get right back to you.

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