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Shop is loaded with some historic surfboards! Check out what we got!

Hap Jacobs longboard

Hap Jacobs 60s Longboard

One of the oldest boards we’ve encountered in the shop, this one is a true gem!! This is an original Hap Jacobs from the 1960s.

Jacobs was an OG SoCal shaper and pioneer in the world of surfing and board making!!

This board is an original Jacobs longboard with the classic diamond logo straight out of his Hermosa Beach shop!

Incredible relic, with an original glassed on wooden fin. A true gem for any surfboard collector or enthusiast.

RIP Hap Jacobs.

Robbie Dick Carbon Fiber Single Fin

This is a SUPER one of a kind retro board by local legend Robbie Dick!

The rumor behind this board is that it is one of the first ever batches of boards produced using carbon fiber! Made under the brand “Graphlite”.

Robbie Dick is literally one of the GOAT shapers, making boards with Natural Progressions out of LA for decades!!

This board is a real collectors item, priced to sell!

r dick single fin
R dick remake
Lightning bolt hollinsworth the epics

7’8″ Hollingsworth Lightning Bolt

This is a beautiful modern shape by the SoCal native behind the current iteration of Lightning Bolt surfboards, Craig Hollingsworth!

Started by legend Gerry Lopez in the early 70s, Lightning Bolt is the classic Hawaiian surfboard brand known for producing excellent Pipeline guns like this one!!

This is an authentic Lightning Bolt, brand new and ready to charge!!

Greg Liddle Classic Hull

This is an original Greg Liddle hull!! Classic shape and model by a super OG SoCal shaper!

Liddle is known for developing and refining the displacement hull shape that has become so widely popular.

Speaking of the hull shape, Liddle warned: “Be careful: you might get addicted”.

These boards were literally tested at and made for SoCal point breaks!! Super classic board at a great price!

liddle logo
Greg Liddle Hull
Jeff Ho the epics

Jeff Ho Zephyr Shortboard

Local classic!!! This is an original Zephyr Jeff Ho shortboard with custom art!

Straight out of the classic Zephyr shop in Santa Monica, this board was shaped for Colton Sarlo, son of Z-Boys OG and Malibu Surfrider shredder Allen Sarlo!

Super rad board with local history!!

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