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Weekly Board Update!

From used longboards to new fishes, we are always getting new boards in the shop. Check out what came in the last week! Wide range of shapes and budgets!

9’10” ET Longboard (Used)


Next up is a super rad 9’10” ET longboard. Tons of volume but a nice narrow outline makes this a super fun looking longboard to cruise and draw some wicked lines!

Out of Hermosa Beach, ET Surf shop has been making outstanding surfboards for decades so we know that anyboard from them is gonna work and work well!! Fairly used but still in great condition, if you need a log, this is a great option!

View ET Longboard

Et Longboard 1
Bay street stick 1 2

6’8” Bay St. Hybrid (New)

Dims – 6’8″ x 21″ x 2 ¾”


Yoo this week Sante finished another board for the shop and this one looks sick!! Nice 6’8” hybrid for the winter season. Round tail, thruster setup with FCS 1s.

A nice blend of float and performance, this is a perfect shreddy mid-length for the Los Angeles surf. Great daily driver for someone looking to get more radical for a bigger guy looking to really shred!

View Bay St Shortboard

New Fluid Drive Mid-lengths

Master shaper Tim Phares had been working on some boards for us and finally pulled up this week with the goods!! Phares brought two sick brand new mid-lengths for the winter, a 6’10” and a 7’6”.

Inspired by the popular C.I. Mid with a touch of Tim’s own magic, these boards look fun and maneuverable but have plenty of volume to paddle into anything. Pin tail with a single fin or 2+1 setup on both boards.

The 7’6” is a beefy board, great for a bigger guy looking to get critical or someone looking for something real floaty to cruise on.

View 7’6″ Fluid Drive

Dims – 7’6″ x 21 ¾” x 2 ⅞”


7'6" Fluid Drive

The 6’10” is a smaller mid-length that looks like a great daily driver. Thick enough to catch anything and the single fin will allow for maximum flow and fun!

If you’re looking for a mid-length, or looking to transition off a longboard or foamie, these are great options. Phares is a master shaper so you can’t go wrong with either of these!

View 6’10” Fluid Drive

Dims – 6’10” x 20 11/17” x 2 ⅞”


6'10" Fluid Drive
butternut 2

5’8” Ashley Lloyd Fish (Like-new)


Another great board that popped into the shop this week is this 5’8” twin fish from Santa Cruz shaper Ashley Lloyd!!

Super wide and chunky for easy paddling, this is a classic fishy shape that will work perfect in Los Angeles surf. Twin Futures setup for ultimate drive. Fast and loose feel that makes fishes like these a favorite for the waves out here. This board is in like-new condition!! Great deal for a great board!

View Ashley Lloyd Fish

6’10” Soul Mid-length (Used)

Dims – 6’10” x 21 ½”” x 2 ¾”


This next board is a rad gem, a used 6’10” “Soul” board with the swallowtail. Nice wider outline but super light, this board looks like a really fun mid-length for LA point breaks!

Real responsive board with a bit more volume to handle smaller days. Perfect to transition off a longer board or foamie. Used but still in great condition! This is a great board, priced to sell.

View Soul Funboard

Soul surfboard 2

Something for everyone in this bunch! Come by the shop to check em out and feel them under your arm!

For shipping inquiries or other questions, please email us at

We will keep updating our blog with new boards that come in so stay tuned for next weeks batch!!