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Yooo Jacob Guillen just popped onto the scene and brought the shop a batch of crispy boards! The moment Jacob walked into the shop with some boards we knew he was legit. Based in Orange County, his shapes are a great mix of fun and performance. From bonzers to twin fishes to funboards, his boards are ideal for the laid back Southern California style. Along with refined shapes, Guillen’s got an eye for design, as all his boards are simple but elegant. Check out what he brought us!

First up is a gorgeous glass-in twin fish at 5’6”. A classic fishy outline, this board has volume to catch waves of all kinds but once it gets going it’s sure to be fast. The keel twins will give you turbo speed and the swallow tail provides the skate-y looseness we all look for in a fish. Perfect for the SoCal point breaks. Brand new and ready to be christened!!

Next up is this beautiful blue 6’4” bonzer. With an eggy outline and five fin setup, this thing looks like so much fun. Perfect for those steamy beach breaks and critical sections. The board is in like-new condition! Don’t sleep on this one!

Next board is a 6’11” twinzer / twin pin. This shape is what’s in nowadays, a perfect combination of classic lines with modern concepts. Fast and flowy, this board is guaranteed to be tons of fun for the winter. Primarily a twinzer but works great as a twin. Beautiful red bottom and light blue deck for the steeze, excellent condition!!

Finally, Guillen brought us a rad 7’11” single fin! This board is super sick and guaranteed to be a blast in all kinds of surf! A classic SoCal eggy single fin, reminds us of a Tudor type board. Paddles easy but will turn and perform like no other. This looks like a go-to board for any day in LA. Like-new condition!!

All in all, Jacob Guillen’s got some fun lookin’ boards, especially for the surf out front. His shapes look like fast and responsive with good flow and cruise control. Come take a better look at his boards in the shop before they get snagged! Hope to see more from him soon.