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When it comes to skateboarding videography, shop homie Flo is the guru. Aside from Bay Street’s skate videos, Flo’s been filming skaters all over the city for well over 20 years and the proof is in the pudding. We asked him if we could take a look at his hard drive and were flabbergasted to find hours and hours of footage with hundreds of skaters. From pros to Joes, Flo has captured bangers, bails, and beefs of all kinds on his VX1000.

In Flo’s Footy Files, we ask Flo to give us a deep dive into a single clip from the archives — what went down, who was there, and what shenanigans occurred off camera. This first episode takes a look at shop team rider Ryan Davis’s back tail backside flip at Eucalyptus Park. You can find this clip in the Bay Street 2 Video on our YouTube.