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Board Swap This Sunday! Don’t Miss Out on Major Deals! BBQ!

If you’re looking to update, clear, or refresh your quiver, then come to the shop this Sunday November 13th for our Board Swap!! We are having massive sales on all of our surfboards, new and used. Plus, there will be many local shapers and surfers alike bringing their surfboards to bargain off. They’ll be plenty of space to display so feel free to bring boards of your own to trade or show off, no need to register or sign up. Strike while the iron is hot and don’t miss out on the deals and steals!

We will also be grilling up all day to keep everybody fueled for the board bonanza. All the fun will be happening between 11am and 4pm at 3216 Santa Monica Blvd and the weather is looking sunny and cool. Check below for what you might expect to find at the board swap this Sunday in Santa Monica.

Like the flyer says, expect major sales on all of the boards in the shop. We’ll be slashing prices $50-100 to start but don’t be afraid to make us an offer we can’t refuse. We’ve got tons of boards from longboards to fishes in varying conditions and prices. For vintage collectors, we’ve got you covered too. Check out our online shop to see what we have to offer or just stop by Sunday.

In addition to our own collection of boards, we have invited several local shapers to come and slang their sticks! Here are a few board builders you may find:

Wyatt Pender (STOKE Design+Build) – @wyattpender – Wyatt is a local friend of the shop and quality board maker. From hulls to twinzers, his shapes are always unique but special. And with design always in mind, you can ensure that any board you get will be a beauty. No boards of Wyatt’s in the shop so don’t miss this rare opportunity!`

Vince Kerf – @kerf.surfboards – Vince is a local board maker from the Malibu/Topanga area and has been bringing us boards for years! With the local surf in mind, his shapes are often higher volume funboards or longboards. But don’t be mistaken, Vince can shape a mean shortboard too! Don’t miss out on some deals from him.

Jon Stange – @stangesurfboards – Jon Stange is another shaper from the westside who has brought the shop many boards over the years. Always fun for local surf, his shapes range from chunky mini simmons to hybrid twin pins. Stange’s boards always have amazing resin tints so if you’re looking for a colorful board, look no further.

Jacob Guillen – @guillensurfcraft – Jacob is a young shaper out of OC that just recently hit the shop with a rad batch of boards! Guillen’s shapes are an elegant mix of performance and flow. From bonzers to eggs, fishes to single fins, Jacob has a wide selection of boards that are perfect for SoCal surf. We’ve got a few of his boards in shop but don’t miss out on any other beauties he may bring.

We hope to see many more board makers there along with these shapers! If you have boards you wanna get out there or particular shapes you’re searching for, don’t miss out on the board swap! See you Sunday! 🤙🏽