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Men’s Body Glove “Variant” 4/3mm Wetsuit – Black


  • Magnaflex exterior material
  • X-Dry interior; flash-dry lining
  • Evoflex interior taping
  • Glued and blind stitch construction
  • Separating #8 zippered chest entry
  • Shoulder cinch cord and lock
  • Seamless underarm paneling
  • Front and back integrated drain system
  • Second generation Nano Tritec knee panels
  • Symmetric, articulated leg paneling
  • Raw edge wrist and ankles
  • Minimal seam design
  • 4/3mm | Made for cold water: 51-58°F / 11-14°C

Men’s Body Glove “Variant” 4/3mm Wetsuit – Black

Sizing - Men's Wetsuits

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