8'7" Shred The Gnar Snub Nose (Used)

$ 750.00

Slightly used Shred The Gnar Snub Nosed mini-longboard!  This board was surfed slightly by Sam himself, and it's in perfect condition so it's a nice discount for what's basically a brand new board.  Snub nosed 8'7" with plenty of weight, this board will handle like a noserider, perfect to cruise on for a lighter surfer.


Sam handshapes and glasses all his boards from start to finish, so you know it's a very thought out and unique board every time!  He's one of the pioneers in eco-friendly resins, and all of his boards are made of the super strong, clean and durable SuperSAP epoxy!  Support your local shaper!




Please e-mail us at baystreetboards@gmail.com for shipping inquiries!


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