7'0" March 21 Rock'It

$ 475.00 $ 550.00

Sick 7'0" hybrid Rock'It model by M21 Surfboards, this shape really has a bit of everything going on - step deck, 5 fin FCS set up, beak nose, swallow tail.   This fishy hybrid is the perfect combo of performance and wave catching for you to really take your surfing to the next level!  A perfect 2nd/3rd board coming off a Wavestorm or for a bigger guy looking to keep ripping!


From M21 -

"The bottom contour begins with a single concave to add lift while trimming. It then transitions into a double concave which continues to the fin box and tail. As a result, the JH Rock'it remains responsive and lively even in small waves. In addition, The Rock'it has a retro feel and look as it features a step deck, allowing the board to maintain responsiveness while also packing more volume towards the center of the board. As a result, the JH Rock'it has great paddle power.  Lastly, the tail is thinned out for quicker release while turning and surfing rail to rail. The JH Rock'it is a great big guy hybrid short board that will preform in knee to head high waves."



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