6'4" McCloud Varial Foam Too Hip Shortboard (Slightly Used)

$ 500.00

Excellent condition 6'4" Too Hip model from local shaper Jim McCloud.  McCloud has been making some of the best boards in SoCal for decades, and nowadays he is still paving the way towards the future of high performance surfing by being one of the first to use new technologies - in this case, Varial Foam!  This board is shaped and glassed using the insanely light, strong and UV-proof foam that is revolutionizing the game.  

This model packs a lot of foam, a wide outline that's a great option for a bigger power surfer.  Near perfection condition, barely used with few pressure points on deck, but a small gash did get the bottom by the stringer.  Nothing major, still ready to fly!

Dims - 6'4" x 20 3/4" x 3"


From McCloud - 
"The Too Hip is a performance shortie that offers a straighter center outline with a hip behind the front fins. This allows the board to quickly project forward down the line and turn on a dime while holding the rail during powerful turns. It's a good mix for mediocre to epic waves at your local spot. The bottom has a deep single concave with a slight Vee behind the center fin. This board works great at beach breaks as well as point breaks. The Too Hip is great for waves that are waist to one foot overhead. Ride this board 2" – 4" shorter than your height and up to 6" above your height. "


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