5'9" Shred The Gnar Twin Fin Fish

$ 650.00

Sold Out

Our guy Sam is really not playing these days...you might need to just KEEP your mask while riding this one because it is that SICK.  As usual, the glass job is from Mr Shred The Gnar himself, so you know it's a looker.  But the shape?  Sheesh, retro style fish outline with a crazy little channel bottom...speed speed speed is all we can say.  

Dims - 5'9" x 20 1/4" x 2 1/2"


BRAND NEW, support REAL local shapers like Sam Vinstein.  Santa Monica local, he shapes and glasses them himself with eco-friendly resin.  One of the only guys in the game you can say that for.  RESPECT.


Please e-mail us at baystreetboards@gmail.com for shipping inquiries!


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