5'9" JT Wolf Edge Surfboard

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Whaaatt!??  When legendary surf icon George Greenough set out to make a board for smaller, choppier surf he came up with a design that few have attempted since - "The Edge."  This 5'9" Greenough-inspired beauty by local shaper JT Wolf has some of the nicest lines you've ever seen.  A look at the history of the shape and a look at the board will immediately make you want to take this out to a local point break.

From Marc Andreini:

"The Edge Board design by George Greenough first came about in the late 1960s. The surfboard he had used up until that time was designed for perfect conditions with no crowds. As the population in the water increased he was forced to go to the grade “B” spots. Those types of breaks have lots of dead spots in the wave that a board with a rounded bottom is unable to skate across. Since George has an extensive background in boat design, he created a new board that had a full displacement bottom around the outside of the board to handle rough conditions and choppy seas while the center of the board had a very high speed concave section surrounded by a very hard edge. This new design allowed him to perform in rough conditions and still maintain a high degree of speed especially through the flat sections of the wave. Although this design stirred up mild interest during the 1970s, it was very complex and not easily translated into a standup surfboard. Simultaneously, the 3-fin surfboards were being developed along with the professional surfing circuit and the sport had taken a different direction altogether."


Wolf got the crazy shapes dialed in, and this Edge is a testament to his shaping ability.  More to come soon!


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