5'9" Gary McNeill Rasta Torus Twin Fin (Used)

$ 500.00

Sold Out

If you've ever seen Rastovich surf a twin fin, deep down you know that it gets no better.   This is the main weapon of choice for Rastovich, the smoothest of twin fin surfers that exists on this planet, and one look at this one will already have you feeling the tingles.  

A high performance outline for a fish, with a crazy channel means guaranteed speed but lots of ripping!  Eco-friendly Tree Tech construction means this board will last for a long time and not be a burden on the environment!

Excellent condition, priced to sell!  No big dings, just a small touch up on one of the tail tips...otherwise PERFECT!


Dims - 5'9" x 20" x 2 13/16"


From McNeill -

"The Rasta Torus Twin was first designed in 2009 by Gary McNeill and pro surfer Dave Rastovich. It features a full length "Torus" channel sitting inside a single concave which provides hold in hollow sections and helps you generate speed when pumping with your front foot.

Because of this channel, the RTT has more control than your traditional twin fin and due to the absence of drag from the center fin can generate speed quicker than your thruster."





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