5'7" Graham Smith Speed Demon

$ 650.00

Blazing fast fish just in time for the summer!!  


From Graham's Website - 

"The Speed Demon is all about going fast! Built for Speed and with performance in mind. The characteristics of the bottom contours consists of a V-hull running throughout the bottom, that sits in a deep concave, and splays outwards to a pronounced “floating-rail” – this rail channel, directs the water through quicker, giving us more lift and better release off the tail as the water passes through the double concave – giving us more control. This sporty outline look has it’s wide-point pushed forward, giving it a wider nose and the fuller straighter tail outline, which enables us to paddle into waves with ease, yet this thruster or quad works really well in a larger range of conditions from grovel beach breaks to punchy point or reef breaks because of its clustered fin setup. It’s much like a high performance Rocket-fish-hybrid, making it a great all-rounder that one can adapt to."



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