5'6" Shred The Gnar "The TL3 Fish"

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Fresh new 5'6" TL3 Fish model by local shaper Sam Vinstein for Shred The Gnar Surfboards!  This one has a custom channel for even more speed than ever.

Sam handshapes and glasses all his boards from start to finish, so you know it's a very thought out and unique board every time!  He's one of the pioneers in eco-friendly resins, and all of his boards are made of the super strong, clean and durable SuperSAP epoxy!  Support your local shaper!


From Sam - 

Designed with the Costa Rica based artist and shredder Thomas Lynch the 3rd.

The TL3 Fish is a fast skatey board that excels in point break surf. While maintaining the flow and speed of a traditional keel fish, the TL3 has a much more high performance side due to its slightly pulled in nose and modern rails and is able to be surfed vertically and in the pocket.



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