5'10" Shred The Gnar Twin Fin Shortboard

$ 650.00 $ 700.00

Most people think of "twin fins" as short, wide, flat boards specifically for slow, mushy days.  Local shaper Sam Vinstein is known to break the mold a bit and give some life to older ideas, and he really comes through with this beautiful 5'10" swallow tail.  Built on a narrower, shortboard high performance template, this board gives you the ultra fast feel of a twin, with all the performance characteristics you love about your shortboard...and it works in bigger, faster surf too!

Shaped and glassed locally by Sam Vinstein for Shred the Gnar Surfboards.  Epoxy construction using the eco-friendly Marko Foam and SuperSAP epoxy - ecofriendly, lightweight, recycled.  

Dims - 5'10" x 20 1/4 x 2 1/2


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