5'10" Graham Smith Kryptonite

$ 500.00

Now that his son and top-5 WSL surfer Jordy Smith is living in Trestles half the year, Graham Smith is bringing boards that work in the local SoCal surf!  This 5'10" Kryptonite model is proof that Graham knows exactly what works - this high performance shortie is guaranteed to help you destroy LA waves like Jordy would.  A little extra volume in this one makes it work in all conditions and wave heights.  


From Graham:

"I have found that surfers are looking for a one-design travel surfboard, something that can handle most conditions. What comes to mind is my latest design the Kryptonite - a well balanced design that incorporates an old-school nose with a refined modern tail to handle the high performance level of surfing, putting versatility under your feet in most types of conditions – suitable for small 2 to 3ft beach breaks, or banging 8ft J.Bay down the line barrels.The clean outline and extra added volume/liters in the nose area, has being pushed forward, making paddling and catching waves much easier. The modern high performance setup in tail area, puts confidence under your feet when drawing flowing turns, or fast hacks off the wave-face, keeping you connected at all times. The bottom configuration consists of a single concave, running throughout the bottom, flowing into a pronounced Vee in the tail, with extra tail-lift for easier control when laying it on the rail. I have added more nose lift and generally more curve throughout for better maneuverability and control when speeding down the line. With the extra added volume, we recommend ordering 2" to 4" shorter than your regular board."


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