5'7" Graham Smith Retro Twin Fin

$ 650.00

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Sick new design by Graham Smith for the little ripper!  


Dims - 5'7" x 20 1/4" x 2 7/16" x 29.5 L


From Graham's website - 

"Our new design is about offering the best of both-worlds. A popularized mixture of modern and traditional shapes from the 70’s & 80’s by incorporating, and adjusting the MR twin outlines. This cross-breeding gave birth to a stealth high performance swallow tail thruster with more bottom-deck functional features. We have added something old, yet new! A pronounced “Chine”- also known as a “beveled-rail” that has been cut into the bottom edge of the rail, basically sheared off and flattened, giving us “two” release points as the rail engages when turning. The water will break, and release more quickly from the Chine as the board moves, and cuts through the water, even in choppy conditions – as compared to the conventional rail, and thus gives increased speed. The Two-part bottom configuration reduces drag as we have reduced the bottom surface area which enhances the concave even more, allowing water to pass through quicker. The acceleration through the turns are extremely quicker because the rail releases easier. This board will change your approach when surfing small to head-high waves, and can be ridden 2” to 3” shorter than your height.  A surf traveler’s dream board for all seasons as versatility is our main objective here!


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