The E-Tech Holiday Collection December 16 2016

Few glass shops were busier this year than our guys over at E-Tech Glassing in Gardena!  Ryan and Sam are two of the most talented craftsmen in town, both shaping and glassing all the boards.  They are both known for semi-experimental shapes that work in the local surf and awesome glass jobs that make you want to just hang them on a wall.

Working along some of the biggest names in the industry this year, Sam and Ryan pumped out a bunch of sick boards.  They did some incredible resin jobs for Al Merrick,...Lost, Firewire, and Maurice Cole.  These fellas grind though, and they didn't stop without knocking out their own lines of custom shredders too!

All their boards are made with the environment in mind.  E-Tech is the gold standard in eco-friendly glassing - they only use recyclable foams and a very special bio-epoxy resin made from wood called Entropy SuperSAP.  These boards are super durable, clean and recyclable.  

Sam, Ryan and their partner Mitch dropped a bunch of boards to us for the Holidays.  Come through and get a great deal on some really unique and thoughtful boards made by hand by local shapers!


Ryan Harris Twin Fin Fish Maurice Cole Dirty Dingo
...Lost Mayhem Bean Bag Sam Vinstein Shred The Gnar Wing Pin Single Fin
Sam Vinstein Shred The Gnar Longboard Ryan Harris Single Fin
Ryan Harris Hullish Egg Firewire Unibrow


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