Shred The Gnar Surfboards May 25 2017

Shred The Gnar Surfboard Collection by Bay Street Boards featuring local shaper Sam Vinstein #STG #ShredTheGnar #eTech

If you've been to our shop, you know that we're all about local shapers.  We try to get tons of boards from some of LA's finest boardmakers around, which led us to the factory of E-Tech Glassing, where some revolutionary changes in making environmentally friendly boards were taking place.   Along with his buddy and fellow board maker Ryan Harris, Sam Vinstein was at the forefront of making high performance surfboards with eco-friendly materials.  

STG Shred The Gnar 5 Fin BonzerSTG Shred The Gnar Shortboard 5 Fin Future Set Up High PerformanceShred the Gnar STG Single Fin Speed Channels RetroSTG Shred The Gnar Twin Fin Shortboard

Sam used his years at E-Tech to learn from some of the biggest names in surfing - E-Tech glassed boards for Al Merrick, Matt Biolos at ...Lost, Maurice Cole and many others.  As he glassed boards for some of the biggest companies in the industry, he slowly built his own line of board...Shred The Gnar Surfboards.

Being a real artist since he was a kid, making boards was natural for Sam.  He learned to do everything - on all his boards, everything you see is made and designed by him.  He has a classic LA vibe that's reflected in his art, glass jobs and finishes, original logos and most importantly, the board shapes.  Sam really has a knack for making boards that work, and he can shape anything - high performance shortboards, retro style single fins, bonzers, logs...

Shred The Gnar Single Fin Wing PinShred The Gnar Shortboard 5 Fin High PerformanceShred The Gnar Shortboard SurfboardShred the Gnar STG #shredthegnar #pig #longboard

 All Shred the Gnar surfboards are made using the most environmentally conscoius materials available in the surf industry - `100% recyclable Marko Foam, eco-friendly BioSAP resin.  Sam is a pioneer when it comes to working with eco-friendly materials, and the result is a super strong and recyclable epoxy boards that float great and are very light!  But most importantly, Sam's boards are made with love and made to work!

Support you local shapers and surf shops!