Sante Skate Art Series January 27 2018

Those who have entered the shop are familiar with this on first sight - Sante's art is everywhere and everything at Bay Street Boards.  Sante Bentivoglio, co-founder and #1 resident artist, has his work in every little nook and cranny of the shop.  Whether it's some stacks of canvas laying on the floor, a bird on the wall, a design on a shirt...Sante does it all for us.

Chico Brenes by Sante Bentivoglio Stevie Williams by Sante Bentivoglio

Recently he's been working on a skate series featuring his all time favorite skaters.  All the pieces are original one of ones, using acrylic straight on the grip tape of some recycled skate decks!  The level of detail on the grip take is insane!

Tom Penny by Sante Bentivoglio Lucas Puig by Sante Bentivoglio

Skaters featured in these pieces are Rodrigo TX, Tom Penny, Stevie Williams, Bastien Salabanzi, Jeron Wilson, Brandon Biebel, Lucas Puig, and Chico Brenes.  

Bastien Salabanzi by Sante Bentivoglio Rodrigo TX by Sante Bentivoglio

These pieces are available for sale in the shop or online.  Look out for more of Sante's art on his website or follow him on his Instagram!

Jeron Wilson by Sante Bentivoglio Brandon Biebel by Sante Bentivoglio

Thank you for supporting the arts and local artists!