Revisiting the 2016 Bay Street Skate Video February 13 2018, 0 Comments

Back in 2016 the Bay Street Skate team, after years of filming, dropped our first official full-length promo video!

Filmed exclusively by local filmer, legend, and one of our best friends Florin Mezza, the debut was a big deal for us and for our skate community.  We threw a big premiere party for the release, and hundreds of folks from all over Los Angeles came out to support.  We even got a visit from local legends like Jeff Ho and Ben Harper!

The video was a huge success, so we wanted to revisit it by slicing up all the parts and publishing them on their own.  Here they are, enjoy!

Kevin Hairston - @kevinhairston_

Evan Edwards - @bushdoctor666 & Fernando Avalos - @chucky_tattoos 

Adam Keely - @adamkeely

Carlos Avalos - @eazyavalos

Francesco & Sante Bentivoglio - @santebentivoglio


Filmed and edited by Florin Mezza - @flofilms


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