January Brings Us Some Long Awaited Winter Swells!! January 22 2018, 0 Comments

After suffering from weeks of small surf, January finally blessed SoCal with some waves!


G on a dreamer


Following a particularly slow summer, we got a few good days in the fall but most of this early winter season has been in the waist high zone....and even worse, the sand bars have been awful at most of the local spots.That all changed about 2 weeks ago, when a series of storms brought us non stop head high to overhead surf! 


Tomas Baby Barrel at Bay Street


Multiple storms brought SoCal some much needed rain and two full weeks of pumping surf. But with the good comes some bad - horrible mudslides hit Santa Barbara and Ventura, and water contamination has been high.


Sante going left


Two weeks of overhead surf at Bay Street...and some surrounding spots all over Los Angeles county....that's a lot of good surf! Unfortunately the storms are over and we're back to waist high for a few days, so we hope you enjoyed the pics. Till the next swell...


Lucius Noll flying in North Los Angeles


All photos by Sean Curran and Carlos Soriano. Follow them on IG for many more photos!