Graham Smith brought in a fleet of fish! December 17 2017, 0 Comments

We recently had the honor of having the legendary South African shaper Graham Smith come through to the shop for a few visits.  Graham is one of the true early pioneers in the South African surf scene, contributing as one of the first shapers in the region.  He's also the father of Jordy Smith, one of the top 3 surfers in the world.  Having shaped boards for his son for over 30 years, Graham knows a thing or two about high performance.

5'7" Blue Graham Smith Swallow Tail Retro Fish

Merging his knowledge of super high performing boards like those he makes for Jordy along with his unique ability to make boards that work for surfers of all levels, Graham brought us a whole fleet of boards made specifically for SoCal surf.  Four beautiful fish/shortboard hybrids are the highlight of the collection.

5'10" Green Graham Smith Swallow Tail Fish

Ranging from 5'6" to 5'10", these boards blend the outline and volume of a fish with the rails and bottom of a high performance thruster.  

5'9" Graham Smith Purple Swallow Fish

5'8" Graham Smith Retro Fish