Cosmic Demise Is HERE! August 19 2018

Here at Bay Street we love to support local independent companies, and none make us happier than the kids at Cosmic Demise.

Founded by Ali Bilal at the age of 16, Cosmic Demise is not just a clothing company, but a real youth movement. These young men have gained a huge following in just a few short years, publishing skate videos, hosting local events and making some really sick clothing!

Here's a few of the shirts they have in our shop, all designed by Ali himself!

In the words of Ali -

"Cosmic Demise® is a streetwear brand that has grown into a sub-cult that manifest the artistic interest and creative talent of the youth. Cosmic Demise®is a symbol of creation and represents angsty teens who are lost, mislead, and don’t have a way to express themselves. The audience of Cosmic Demise® believe that it’s something more than clothing, they begin to feel it can’t be expressed in words. It’s a superior type of art, not art dealing with the body or mind but with the spirit...the way it should be. When art is dealing with the spirit, it encourages people to fight against the bad conditions in their life and change things. It motivates, stimulates and compels."

We're super hyped to support youth movements like this, and we see big things in the future for the whole Cosmic Demise crew.

Please check out their website and follow them on Instagram

Ali Bilal - @dr.cosdem

Modeled by Cosmic Demise ambassadors/artists/skaters Diego Molina and Vlad van Klan

Diego Molina - @mukehawk
Vlad - @v_is_crusty

All shirts and more Cosmic Demise product is available at the shop! Thanks and please help support these kids, they are following their dreams and doing big things!

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