Bay Street In Hawaii April 15 2021

The Bay Street family went to Hawaii a few weeks ago for some North Shore action!! As usual, the island treated us amazingly, with wonderful people, food, and, of course, waves!

The first few days were in the 6-10 foot range and breaking way far out, so we only managed a few pics but we definitely scored big time!

Luca Bentivoglio Hawaii
Luca Laniakea Wave
Gale Lanis 1
Gale Lanis 2

The waves dropped into the 3-5 foot range the rest of the trip, which was perfect for the brothers to get some snaps and even tube time.

Cesco found some really nice rights at Rockys, a welcome change from closed out Bay Street.

Cesco Rocky Point
Cesco Rocky Point 2

We even found our longtime friend Mateo out in the lineup - respect to the Hawaiian locals!

Teo Young Hawaii

Sante really was having a ball on the inside reef of Rockys, catching millions of waves and getting after it on his favorite Stinger shape from SMTH.

Sante Rocky Point 1
Sante Rocky Point 2
Sante Rocky Point 3
Sante Rocky 4

Gale also was catching tons of waves at Rockys. Lefts rights barrels and open faces...

Gale Rocky 1
Gale Rocky 2
Gale Rocky Tube

Safe to say we had a blast and loved our trip to the famous North Shore of Oahu!

Aloha from the Bay Street fam!

Bay Street Fam at Pipe