Bay Street Crew Chasing Hurricanes in Baja August 10 2017, 0 Comments

When the swell forecast for the first week of August showed signs of double-overhead hurricane swell, we knew it was time for a lil Baja action.  Although the swell wasn't as big as advertised, the waves were tons of fun and the tacos were on fire!  Here's some pics...

Pull up in the bulletproof spaceship

G with the lil backside roundhouse?

Tim Duncan checking out the surf in Baja, Mexico

Gale on a left ramp, Baja Mexico

Francesco telling the boys to get in the water!

Francesco Velasquez Ripping in Baja, Mexico

Adios Amigos!

All pics are taken by Los Angeles based photographer Carlos Soriano.  You can check out more of his Baja pics, and more amazing shots of LA on his Instagram - @_neverlikehome