Holiday Sales - NEW Rusty and Anderson Surfboards UNDER $500!! December 15 2015

Some huge deals are on deck for the Holidays!  Had to start it off right with two big times sales on some surfboards.

$500 Rustys!!  

Rusty Surfboard Sale on YardDog and WTF Models // Rusty Preisendorfer // #sales #holidays #boardporn

Both of these beauties are shaped by legendary Rusty Preisendorfer and are a huge steal at this price.  Typically almost $700, these two shredders were shaped with SoCal surf specifically in mind.  

At left we got a 5'9" WTF model - a hybrid between a fish and a shortboard - that's the perfect blend of high performance and user-friendly paddle power.  At right is a 5'10" Yard Dog - this is a scrappy high performance shortboard that's built to rip waves of all sizes.  

$400 Andersons!! 

Holidays Surfboard Sale - Scott Anderson Surfboards SBT Shortboards // Venice Beach // Aquatech // #boardporn #surfboard #sale

You can't find a much better price than $400 for a brand new, hand shaped board by a local legend.  Scott Anderson has been making boards for Los Angeles surf for over 20 years over at his Aquatech shop, and these two didn't disappoint us at all when we went to Venice to pick em up!  

Measuring up at 6'2" and 6'4", these two twins are both his go-to high performance shortboard model, the SBT.  Shaped with the steep, fast waves of Venice beach in mind.  Lots of rocker, thin and super responsive, one of these is exactly what you need for the big winter El Nino days!

More sales to come!