New shop funboards just came in! December 01 2015

Nothing like some funboards!!  We've recently been stockpilin on these beautiful midlengths ...look at these three that just came in!  

3 Bay Street Funboards

The shop is full of these versatile sticks right now, and the beauty is really in the details.  Our collection of funboards currently features shapes from proven Los Angeles surf legends like Tim Phares and local upstarts like Koz McRae.  Every single board is shaped and glassed locally - 100% California products!  

Here's a bunch of sick brand spanking new boards between 7' and 8' to catch a ton of waves and dominate the lineup!  Starting at $500, there's not a better Holiday deal around for perfect LA boards!

7'6" Tim Phares Epic Scorpion 

above: 7'6" Tim Phares Epic Scorpion // below: 7'6" Bay Street Blue Tiger

 7'6" Bay Street Blue Tiger

7'10" Koz McRae Bay Street Wide-Tail Midlength

 above: 7'10" Wide-Tailed Midlength by Koz McRae // below: 7'4" Bay Street Stoned Pelican Funboard

7'4" Bay Street Stoned Pelican Funboard

below: 8'0" Bay Street Hybrid

8'0" Bay Street Hybrid Funboard


We're open every day, so come through to check out these babies.  Hit is up for more details on these or any other boards in the shop.

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