Local Support December 09 2014

Whats up Bay Street family?? Hope ya'll are getting ready to enjoy the upcoming holidays with your loved ones.  

One of the things that we strive for here at our shop is to really support local shapers. Considering Los Angeles is the mecca of board building and design, it's a shame that there isn't much of a spotlight on some of the local guys who dedicate their lives to hand crafting the boards that we ride on every day.

Here are three shapers out of LA that we are really digging right now!

Tim Phares Epic Shortbard

Tim Phares

It would be incredibly difficult to find a shaper more accomplished than Tim Phares. Who else has hand-shaped 50,000+ boards, been listed by Surfing Mag as a top 16 shaper in the world, been honored in the Shapers Hall of Fame, and been featured in the 25th and 50th Surfing Magazine Shapers Tree?? Phares is a true Master Shaper who once owned his own surf shop in Santa Monica and is the man behind a number of classic California board companies - Epic, Fluid Drive, and TP (not to mention his contributions to OP/Ocean Pacific, Spider, Blue Cheer, Ocean, Ben Aipa, Surf&Style, Rocket Fish, Glass Master, Horizon's West, and more). Unfortunately his resume is too extensive to list here, so suffice it to say, this man is a legend and his boards are some of the best you will ever have under your feet! 

Epic Surfboards  

Tim Phares Fluid Drive 6'0 Fish


Shred the Gnar Bonzer

Sam Vinstein

Sam Vinstein aka Shred The Gnar is a TRUE Bay Street local.  Born and raised in Santa Monica, he surfed Bay Street growing up and is now one of the most respected shapers in town.  His "Shred the Gnar" line of custom shapes shows that he can do almost anything, and his work at EcoTech Glassing keeps him busy doing jobs for some of the biggest names in the industry!  Support a true Santa Monica local that is sure to be on the scene for years to come!!

Bonzer Lines and Concave!

Koz McRae

Another Santa Monica local by way of Ventura County, Koz McRae is also a young shaper who is on the come up! His smaller, wider boards are his specialty - there ain't many guys making a Mini-Simmons quite like this guy.  Get one under your feet and you will be sliding all over the lineups from Malibu to C-Street!

Koz McRae Tail

With the rise of machines and computers to construct surfboards, its important that we continue to support local shapers. These guys are the ones truly pushing surfing to the next level...and let's be real, we all rip a bit more with a sick hand-shaped board!

Anyways, the waves are picking up, so grab whatever board you got and hit the water!!  If you need a new stick, swing by the shop and peep one of these babies!!!


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