Chano Surfboards - Santa Monica's Shapers May 04 2016

It's all about local shapers.  With big corporate companies dominating the industry for such a long time, the days of going to your guy to figure out the right board for you are seemingly in our rearview.   Ol' Sherm down the street got replaced by Al Merrick and his partners in China.  

Fortunately, things move in cycles, and the surf world is starting to take notice that Chinese pop outs just aint working the same as boards of the past.  Retro shapes, custom shapes - all these things are making a comeback.  Local shapers are back, and in Santa Monica few go back like Chano Alvarez.


#Chano #surf #boardporn #fish #shortboard #surfboard  #Chano #surf #boardporn #fish #shortboard #surfboard

A true Westside local, Chano was one of the most talented surfers and skaters in town growing up.  Between surfing and skating, he got into the shops of the areas greatest craftsmen, learning from names such as Bruce Grant and Scott Anderson.

Learning from the long tradition of LA shapers, Chano's boards are made specifically for Los Angeles surf, and Los Angeles surfers.  His boards usually pack a bit more volume than usual.  His shortboards are nice and wide.  His funboards are like mini-longboards.  Everything is made with the intention of actually catching waves and having fun.  Every board is made with a specific surfer in mind, optimized for LA surf.  

#Chano #surf #boardporn #fish #shortboard #surfboard  #Chano #surf #boardporn #fish #shortboard #surfboard #longboard #funboard #santamonica

This focus and attention to detail doesn't stop at just the shaping bay.  His talent with a planer is second only to his talent as an artist.  Chano glasses every board all by himself, making sure they are durable and long-lasting, how surfboards are supposed to be.  Function and beauty, the LA way.

We always got some Chano surfboards in the shop, so stop by if you are interested in some of his boards.  Support the locals who make this happen and keep true surf culture alive.