Cosmic Demise Did A Sick Video/Interview of Us! May 07 2021

Much love to Cosmic Demise for this interview video project!!!

Ali at Cosmic Demise showed us mad love with this project on us and our shop. All edited and filmed by Ali Bilal for Cosmic Demise.

Check out the full feature on his website -

Follow them on IG @cosmicdemise

Bay Street In Hawaii April 15 2021

The Bay Street family went to Hawaii a few weeks ago for some North Shore action!! As usual, the island treated us amazingly, with wonderful people, food, and, of course, waves!

The first few days were in the 6-10 foot range and breaking way far out, so we only managed a few pics but we definitely scored big time!

Luca Bentivoglio Hawaii
Luca Laniakea Wave
Gale Lanis 1
Gale Lanis 2

The waves dropped into the 3-5 foot range the rest of the trip, which was perfect for the brothers to get some snaps and even tube time.

Cesco found some really nice rights at Rockys, a welcome change from closed out Bay Street.

Cesco Rocky Point
Cesco Rocky Point 2

We even found our longtime friend Mateo out in the lineup - respect to the Hawaiian locals!

Teo Young Hawaii

Sante really was having a ball on the inside reef of Rockys, catching millions of waves and getting after it on his favorite Stinger shape from SMTH.

Sante Rocky Point 1
Sante Rocky Point 2
Sante Rocky Point 3
Sante Rocky 4

Gale also was catching tons of waves at Rockys. Lefts rights barrels and open faces...

Gale Rocky 1
Gale Rocky 2
Gale Rocky Tube

Safe to say we had a blast and loved our trip to the famous North Shore of Oahu!

Aloha from the Bay Street fam!

Bay Street Fam at Pipe

Simon Torres Puerto Rico Surfing Video April 05 2021

Simon Torres Surfing in Puerto Rico Video Edit!

Shop Video Tour March 16 2021

Quick tour through the shop! We are located at 3216 Santa Monica Blvd in the beautiful city of Santa Monica, CA. Visit us for the best in new and used surfboards, skateboards and skate gear, wetsuits, apparel and more!

We are fully stocked for 2021! Thanks for the support.

Shot and edited by Emerald Benjamin.

Simon Torres Ripping In Puerto Rico February 15 2021

Team rider and shop ambassador Simon Torres is on a tear recently.  He got started this winter with a solid trip to the North Shore, but it was his trip to Puerto Rico that really yielded for the Venezuelan ripper.

Here's a backside hack from his time in the Caribbean paradise.  

Simon Torres Backside Carve

Simon Torres Cutback in Puerto Rico

 Simon Torres en Puerto Rico

 Pictured riding his custom Prisma Surfboards.  Two from Simons quiver are available in the shop!




Keep an eye out on Simon and learn more about him here


Bay Street Boards


Surf Accessories February 04 2021

Checkout our Surf Accessories!

Photo Series December 18 2020

The Photos Series is here!! Three shirts from our favorite photographers!!  

Photo Series

These shirts were inspired from looking at hundreds of surf photos from these three amazing photographers, who are also friends of ours since many many moons ago.  We have their photos all over our walls, and we figured it was time to finally make a T-Shirt out of some of our favorite photos.  


The first shirt is from longtime friend and Venice local Carlos Soriano.  Carlos is becoming one of the top surf photographers in Los Angeles, always in the right angle and always capturing smooth frames.  He never misses the big turn or the barrel sequence, and he's always down for a crazy mission with the surf crew!  A long time ambassador for the shop, Carlos is a guy you need to follow and support!

 Sean Curran is another longtime friend and ambassador who is one of our favorites behind the lens.  Sean is both a surfer and a photographer, so you never know if he'll be in the lineup with you or shooting some pics from the sand.  He's great at the surf photos, but we've always loved his palm tree shots the most, so this is the one we choose for our boy Kerney

Last up is the OG - Jose Ramon Moreno aka Ramon X!  Jose Ramon is our Pops best friend, a legend in Venezuelan and Costa Rican surf history, a true pioneer in the world of waves.  A real charger who saw world class waves before any other surfer in the world, he was also a top class photographer, spending almost a decade filming at Costa Rica's most prestigious breaks like Roca Bruja and Playa Negra.  This shot is from the 70s at one of the world longest lefts, a wave that no longer exists.  A classic picture of a forgotten wave, we had to bring it back to life to honor the surf gods.


Here's a link to the entire collection - CLICK HERE

Hope you enjoyed,

Bay Street Boards

Corona Update #2 - NEW HOURS May 22 2020


Corona Hours

A few Corona related changes.....

- Please WEAR A MASK!


- Now charging a $5 cleaning fee on wetsuits if you don't buy!

 (No more trying on to then buy on Amazon)


- If you would like us to prepare/schedule a curbside pick-up, feel free to call and we will accommodate your needs!

Thanks and see you soon!  Love,

Bay Street Boards


Corona Updates April 01 2020


We are still open as an essential business under the latest orders from the city.  If you are in Santa Monica, feel free to come by between 12-3PM daily - we will be in the shop until we are told otherwise.  Come by for any repairs or quick product pick ups.




Take care and stay safe.   🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Some January Surf Pics February 17 2020

Recent surf pics all by Carlos Soriano - @_neverlikehome









Ryan Davis @ The Berrics January 20 2020

Stop it.

Ryan Davis just went bananas at the Berrics with the fakie front crook fakie flip out on the 10 stair out ledge. INSANE

Watch the whole session at -

Check us out on Instagram and Steem for more skate footage!

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Winter Gear! January 10 2020

It's the middle of winter and it's still pretty cold out there most days!!! Get some warm Bay Street gear to get you through the rest of the winter❄️☃️❄️☃️

We got the Nuevo Script Hoodies available in Hornet and Forest Green - these are selling like crazy so grab one quick!


Also just got these new Inca Crew Newecks printed up and the people are loving them!


Lastly we got our new Sun Bay design available in Powder Blue Hoodies as well as Long Sleeve in Navy Blue!


Hope you love the gear!!! We ship across the USA, feel free to drop us a line for more info!


Bay Street Boards

Bay Street Love Worldwide! November 28 2019

Shout out all the people representing Bay Street out in the wild!

🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 We love y’all! 🔥🔥🔥




New Shop Stick by Sante November 20 2019

Sante has been putting in some work shaping surfboards lately, and this one came out crazy!

6’4” roundtail twin fin w a plug just in case we need a little stabilizer 🌊🦈 Shaped and glassed by hand by Sante Bentivoglio.


Handfoiled twin fins from recycled skate decks ♻️🛹



Enjoy! Thanks,

Bay Street Boards

Cosmic Demise CDVX2300 November 08 2019

The new Cosmic Demise skate video CDVX2400 video is finally out and it is bananas 🔥🍌🌋🌎

Ali is still on a prolific streak, giving the youth another sick movie filled with mayhem and insane skateboarding! He even blessed us with a special Bay Street part 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Featuring a SICK track by Jorge Ben, the Bay Street part includes a Death Battle between Ryan Davis & Kevin Hairston + clips from Sante Bentivoglio, Francesco Bentivoglio, and Henry Ladik

Enjoy! Peace

Body Glove @ Bay Street November 03 2019

Body Glove is a company with a lot of history in the Santa Monica area. As you can see by this old ad we found, legendary local OGs Jay Adams (RIP), Nathan Pratt and Allen Sarlo chose Body Glove to stay warm! 🤙🏼⚡️🌊

BodyGlove OG.jpg

Due to their impressive record locally, as well as their commitment to making top of line wetsuits, we exclusively carry Body Glove at Bay Street Boards. Here's a bit of our selection for this winter, in both Men's and Women's.

Get geared up for the winter at your favorite local Santa Monica shop! Yeeeewwwwwwww


Bay Street Boards

Labor Day Bay Street Board Swap!!! August 27 2019


Bay Street Board Swap Labor Day Sale!!

Come through this Monday Labor Day for major discounts on boards in the shop and tons of opportunities to trade, sell, swap, buy or just kick it ☀️🔥🤝💵 Bring your boards!!!

3216 Santa Monica Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90404

New Summer Apparel July 25 2019

Summer Gear Available!

A bunch of of new gear in for the summer, including some fresh new shop tees!!

The newest we got fresh for summer is the Highlighter Lightning T-Shirt...this one is flying off the racks!

TShirt Bay St Lightning.jpg

We are also back with some new Big Wednesday designs - always a classic for us!

TShirt Bay St Big Wed.jpg

And we just dropped some new colorways for our best-seller of all time, Sante's rendering of a Day at Bay T-Shirt

TShirt Day at Bay.jpg

We are also fully stocked in gear from our favorites like Devin James, Grant Rohloff and Cosmic Demise!

Here is a fresh new design from Ali called Cherry Old Soul


Devin James just recently dropped off these beautiful new colorways of his classic Los Marz T's

TShirt Los James Blue.jpg

And finally we got a whole batch of sick new photo t's by Grant Rohloff, including this Makaha 1962 Shirt


Hope you enjoy the gear!! 

Peace and love,

Bay Street Boards

GOOD FISHING Pangaea Party!!! July 17 2019

🌍🏄🏽‍♂️🎉 PANGAEA PARTY hits LA!! 🍾🍻🥃

Pull up to the shop 4-10pm SATURDAY 7/20 and hit your mid-summer stride with reckless abandon.

NEW Good Fishing gear — #PetrolSnobs tunes — @blue09whiskey #FuelForTheFunction— we goin FULL TURBO 🔋🔋🔋🔋🔋


Pangaea Party Saturday 7/20

4th of July Sale!!! July 01 2019

4th of July GIF


4th of July Blowout Sale 🔥🔥 The summer is here and we got sizzling deals all week 🌞🌞 Come by for your surf and skate gear 



Winter Gear 25% OFF Sale

ALL WINTER GEAR 25% OFF!!!  Includes sweaters, crew necks, long sleeves, beanies and more!!






The Bay Street Skate Video 2 is HERE!!! April 23 2019

After all the blood sweat and tears, our second full length shop skate video!!!

Featuring Ryan Davis, Henry Power, Mark Bautista, Terril Jefferson, Henry Ladik, Francesco Bentivoglio, Sante Bentivoglio, Kevin Hairston and all the homies!

Bay Street Video 2 YouTube Link



Bay Street Skate Video Premieres TONIGHT! April 20 2019

Bay Street Skate 2 Video FLyer PARTY AT THE SHOP TONIGHT SATURDAY 4/20!!!!! PULL UP FOR THE PREMIERE OF THE BAY STREET SKATE VIDEO as well as new shirts with Cosmic Demise, art, and a great time!!!

Official Bay Street Skate Video 2 Teaser March 16 2019


THE TIME HAS COME!! The 2nd shop video will be premiering at the shop on Saturday 4/20! 💥🎉🤙🏼 

Bay Street Boards Teaser Video

All the shop squad has been putting in mad work and the video is going to be 🔥🔥🔥


PULL UP on 4/20!!!!!



@kevinhairston_ @whereisryand @henrypower619 @chuckylowks @senpig @dollamakeyouballa @bushdoctor666 @flofilms @terrilljj

Recent Skate Clips March 06 2019

The 2nd Bay Street Skate Video is officially coming 4/20, and you know the boys have been on the streets stacking clips daily!  Here's a few random clips to keep you warm before the official release!!!


Sante, Terrill and Kevin hit Diamond Skate Park in Downtown


A compilation of some of Terrill's recent iPhone clips around town


A lil recap of what our boy Antonio Evans been doing at the local skate parks


Ryan D and Kevin holding down home court


Follow all the homies on IG and check out their ambassador pages on our website!


Kevin Hairston -  @kevinhairston_

Antonio Evans - @antonio.evans

Ryan Davis - @whereisryand

Terrill Jefferson - @terrilljj

Sante Bentivoglio - @santebentivoglio



Bay Street Boards

Bulb by Vladimir Von Klan March 01 2019

The good homie and super dope photographer Vladimir Von Klan just dropped off his new photo book “BULB”

Vlad is part of the Cosmic Demise crew, and he's known as one of the gnarliest skaters in town. He goes hard and has NO FEAR on his skateboard.

When he's not skating, Vlad is brushing up on his photography skills or helping Cosmic Demise film and edit their epic skate videos!

📷⚡️🔥 Support the local youth and their art! $20 each! LIMITED RUN! SHOP HERE!

Follow Vlad @v_is_crusty

Shaping Surfboards with Local Legend Chano Alvarez! February 20 2019

Los Angeles was once considered the Mecca of surfboard building. From the humble beginnings of pioneers like Hap Jacobs and Dan Velzy, to the Golden Years where shops like Natural Progression, Blue Cheer and Con made Santa Monica the center of the surfing industry, LA has always been hugely influential in surf manufacturing and design.


As the manufacturing process has shifted to computers and China, the number of true hand shapers has dwindled and the industry is slowly dying off. However, LA still has a rich rich history and continues to produce some of the best shapers in the world, and Chano Alvarez is one of them.

Once an up and coming rider for the classic ZBoys teams, Chano hurt himself charging big waves at Zuma Beach and changed his focus to shaping boards instead of riding them. Working closely with legends like Bruce Grant and Scott Anderson, Chano is now over 40 years in the game and regarded as one of the best at making boards for the local surf conditions. Chano is a shaper who is truly close to our hearts - we all own one or more of his boards, and we always carry tons of his surfboards in our shop. Thus, when it was time for a shaping lesson, we knew who we had to call.


Sante has been learning the craft for a few years, mostly just playing around with the ding repair materials and old broken boards. Now that his boards are getting better and he is taking shaping more seriously, Sante decided to reach out to Chano for some 1 on 1 time in the shaping bay.


These are just a few pics, there are some vids on the way as well as the resulting boards from their time together! Can't wait to show you the rest!


Bay Street Boards

Cosmic Demise Snippet x New Gear January 27 2019

The second Bay Street shop video is coming in the next few weeks, and we made sure to let the boys from Cosmic Demise have their own part!! Here's a lil snippet of their part to get hyped for the upcoming video. Ali also made sure to keep us stocked up on some of his newest gear, check their updated collection and shop...

Some December Surfing January 07 2019

December brought some really consistent, solid days of surf - you know the boys were on it!!

First and foremost, our brother Wes found a SICK barrel during a mid-December swell and we luckily got it on video!

Here's some pics of the rest of the squad looking for some barrells and some sections to hit the lip!

Gale Backside Right Off the Lip

Sante Going Left

Carl Bottom Turn
Kern Little Left Tube

Wes On a Nice Right

G Pumping Left

Hope you enjoyed the pics! 

Surfers - Sean Curran, Wes Swartz, Carl Coulam, Sante and Gale Bentivoglio

Photographers - Carlos Soriano, California Mermaid 


Bay Street Boards 

"A Day at Bay" Gear is Here! December 17 2018

Sante's newest t-shirt design is our hottest one yet!  "A Day at Bay" is a cartoonish rendering by Sante Bentivoglio of the normal day in the life at Santa Monica beach.  Models on Instagram, bums everywhere, surf lessons, trash, waves, and even a couple riding a Bird, this amazing shirt has it all!

Black Friday Sale! November 22 2018

Black Friday Sale!

New Shop Gear! November 14 2018

Got a bunch of new gear for the Holidays, including Bay Street hoodies, crew necks, snapbacks, dad hats, floppy, hats, beanies, t-shirts and much more!



Throwaway Shop Video Footage November 13 2018

THROWAWAY MONTY!!! We getting ready for our next full length video to come out soon. Here’s some throwaway to get you stoked!! Featuring the whole squad @whereisryand @senpig @dollamakeyouballa @henrypower619 @santebentivoglio @kevinhairston_ @flofilms @yorkatron

Labor Day Sale!! August 31 2018

Bay Street Boards having a mega Labor Day Sale!  Up to 50% OFF on select products, 25% online with code!

Cosmic Demise Is HERE! August 19 2018

Here at Bay Street we love to support local independent companies, and none make us happier than the kids at Cosmic Demise. Founded by Ali Bilal at the age of 16, Cosmic Demise is not just a clothing company, but a real youth movement. 

Epic South Swell Last Week August 01 2018

Gale and Carlos went down to OC for the big swell last week. Here's a few photos of the trip!



Memorial Day Sale Flyer - 25% OFF ALL WEEKEND

Bay Street was MACKING this weekend! May 02 2018

Last weekend brought some amazing waves and local surfer/photographer Andres Rennella was in the water to capture the Bay Street family in action!

Bay Street Boys - Volume 3 April 24 2018

The Bay Street Boys are at it again! New edit from the skate team featuring Kevin Hairston, Ryan Davis, Henry Powers and Sante Bentivoglio!



#skate #skateboarding #edit #vx1000


Last week at Bay Street April 15 2018

Lots of swell and wind, a homeless guy smashing our window, tons of new was a nice long week at Bay Street! Here's a few pics of the action....

This week actually offered Southern California some solid swell action, and you know our boy Sean Curran was there and ready to capture the action. Here's one from Northern LA county.


Another homie of ours Carlos Soriano was also out taking photos of the swell. Below are two shop legends Luca Benti and Lucius Noll in Santa Monica and Venice!

pops off da lip.jpg


Also got some sick merch in this week! Local shaper Chano dropped off a few custom surfboards and companies like DLX and LA'ers brought some fire apparel through!




Peace and blessings,

Bay Street Boards


Spring Break Super Sale!! March 29 2018

50% EVERYTHING - except surfboards, but we'll do the best we can on those prices as well!!  

Spring Break Sale!


Huge Spring Break / Easter / Spring Cleaning SALE going down!! Come through for big time discounts and deals on all things surf, skate, and apparel!

Rainy Week Vibes March 07 2018

The last few days been rainy and cold...and there's been no waves! Here's a few recent social media posts we did that captured the vibe this week.

Sean Curran Pier Photography
Good Fishing Raul Guerrero Art Collabo T-Shirts

G during a better winter surf

Thrasher T-Shirt

Palm Tree on a Rainy Day

Sean Curran Photography March 05 2018

A few days ago a video was posted on Instagram of our main man Sean Curran surfing over at Bay Street.  The video, which can be seen at the end of this post, inspired us to introduce our good friend a bit more formally on here!
kernal insane.jpg
Sean, who goes by many names in our shop like Kerney and Captain Kernal, was born and bred in Santa Monica. A true local, he grew up a few blocks away from the beach in Santa Monica, where he still can be found daily. Sean's been a part of our crew since we were kids, and he was always the most stoked out of the crew, as evidenced by his surf video! He's known to ride any type of board - Kerney can be found having just as much fun on a Wavestorm as on a souped up Anderson single fin.
curran tower 20.jpg
Kerney's love for the surf and nature led him to pursue photography a few years back. Fast forward a few years and he's now one of the premiere surf photographers in LA...his own experience in the water makes him one of the best at capturing the most crucial moments of a surfer's ride. Sean also has a hell of an eye for more scenic shots, and his captures of iconic Los Angeles and California landmarks such as the Santa Monica Pier have earned him recognitition outside of the surf world.
We're blessed to call Captain kernal a friend since childhood and our in-house photographer. He's a true Santa Monica local who really represents everything that's awesome about our local surf and skate scene. We hope you enjoy his photos and surf content as well!


Check him out on his Instagram for more amazing surf photography from one of our best friends and shop ambassadors!  
Below is a video from another fellow Bay Street surfer and photographer, Lawrence - 

Bay Street Boards

Barrel Hunting February 24 2018

New t-shirt designs and photos for the Bay Street Barrel Hunters!

Shop Vibes February 16 2018

Shop Vibes this week featuring our favorite brands such as Good Fishing, Ocean Park 26, Rainbow Sandals, Dogtown Skateboards!

Revisiting the 2016 Bay Street Skate Video February 13 2018

Revisiting the shop full length promo video from 2016 featuring the Bay Street Skate Team!

Bay Street Life is Real January 29 2018

Bay Street Boys Skate Squadron at Lanark. Life is Real. 💎🏹 

Sante Skate Art Series January 27 2018

Those who have entered the shop are familiar with this on first sight - Sante's art is everywhere and everything at Bay Street Boards.  Sante Bentivoglio, co-founder and #1 resident artist, has his work in every little nook and cranny of the shop.  Whether it's some stacks of canvas laying on the floor, a bird on the wall, a design on a shirt...Sante does it all for us.

Chico Brenes by Sante Bentivoglio Stevie Williams by Sante Bentivoglio

Recently he's been working on a skate series featuring his all time favorite skaters.  All the pieces are original one of ones, using acrylic straight on the grip tape of some recycled skate decks!  The level of detail on the grip take is insane!

Tom Penny by Sante Bentivoglio Lucas Puig by Sante Bentivoglio

Skaters featured in these pieces are Rodrigo TX, Tom Penny, Stevie Williams, Bastien Salabanzi, Jeron Wilson, Brandon Biebel, Lucas Puig, and Chico Brenes.  

Bastien Salabanzi by Sante Bentivoglio Rodrigo TX by Sante Bentivoglio

These pieces are available for sale in the shop or online.  Look out for more of Sante's art on his website or follow him on his Instagram!

Jeron Wilson by Sante Bentivoglio Brandon Biebel by Sante Bentivoglio

Thank you for supporting the arts and local artists!