Labor Day Bay Street Board Swap!!! August 27 2019, 0 Comments


Bay Street Board Swap Labor Day Sale!!

Come through this Monday Labor Day for major discounts on boards in the shop and tons of opportunities to trade, sell, swap, buy or just kick it ☀️🔥🤝💵 Bring your boards!!!

3216 Santa Monica Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90404

New Summer Apparel July 25 2019, 0 Comments

Summer Gear Available!

A bunch of of new gear in for the summer, including some fresh new shop tees!!

The newest we got fresh for summer is the Highlighter Lightning T-Shirt...this one is flying off the racks!

TShirt Bay St Lightning.jpg

We are also back with some new Big Wednesday designs - always a classic for us!

TShirt Bay St Big Wed.jpg

And we just dropped some new colorways for our best-seller of all time, Sante's rendering of a Day at Bay T-Shirt

TShirt Day at Bay.jpg

We are also fully stocked in gear from our favorites like Devin James, Grant Rohloff and Cosmic Demise!

Here is a fresh new design from Ali called Cherry Old Soul


Devin James just recently dropped off these beautiful new colorways of his classic Los Marz T's

TShirt Los James Blue.jpg

And finally we got a whole batch of sick new photo t's by Grant Rohloff, including this Makaha 1962 Shirt


Hope you enjoy the gear!! 

Peace and love,

Bay Street Boards

GOOD FISHING Pangaea Party!!! July 17 2019, 0 Comments

🌍🏄🏽‍♂️🎉 PANGAEA PARTY hits LA!! 🍾🍻🥃

Pull up to the shop 4-10pm SATURDAY 7/20 and hit your mid-summer stride with reckless abandon.

NEW Good Fishing gear — #PetrolSnobs tunes — @blue09whiskey #FuelForTheFunction— we goin FULL TURBO 🔋🔋🔋🔋🔋


Pangaea Party Saturday 7/20

4th of July Sale!!! July 01 2019, 1 Comment

4th of July GIF


4th of July Blowout Sale 🔥🔥 The summer is here and we got sizzling deals all week 🌞🌞 Come by for your surf and skate gear 


SALE ON ALL WINTER GEAR May 11 2019, 0 Comments

Winter Gear 25% OFF Sale

ALL WINTER GEAR 25% OFF!!!  Includes sweaters, crew necks, long sleeves, beanies and more!!






The Bay Street Skate Video 2 is HERE!!! April 23 2019, 0 Comments

After all the blood sweat and tears, our second full length shop skate video!!!

Featuring Ryan Davis, Henry Power, Mark Bautista, Terril Jefferson, Henry Ladik, Francesco Bentivoglio, Sante Bentivoglio, Kevin Hairston and all the homies!

Bay Street Video 2 YouTube Link



Bay Street Skate Video Premieres TONIGHT! April 20 2019, 0 Comments

Bay Street Skate 2 Video FLyer PARTY AT THE SHOP TONIGHT SATURDAY 4/20!!!!! PULL UP FOR THE PREMIERE OF THE BAY STREET SKATE VIDEO as well as new shirts with Cosmic Demise, art, and a great time!!!

Official Bay Street Skate Video 2 Teaser March 16 2019, 0 Comments


THE TIME HAS COME!! The 2nd shop video will be premiering at the shop on Saturday 4/20! 💥🎉🤙🏼 

Bay Street Boards Teaser Video

All the shop squad has been putting in mad work and the video is going to be 🔥🔥🔥


PULL UP on 4/20!!!!!



@kevinhairston_ @whereisryand @henrypower619 @chuckylowks @senpig @dollamakeyouballa @bushdoctor666 @flofilms @terrilljj

Recent Skate Clips March 06 2019, 0 Comments

The 2nd Bay Street Skate Video is officially coming 4/20, and you know the boys have been on the streets stacking clips daily!  Here's a few random clips to keep you warm before the official release!!!


Sante, Terrill and Kevin hit Diamond Skate Park in Downtown


A compilation of some of Terrill's recent iPhone clips around town


A lil recap of what our boy Antonio Evans been doing at the local skate parks


Ryan D and Kevin holding down home court


Follow all the homies on IG and check out their ambassador pages on our website!


Kevin Hairston -  @kevinhairston_

Antonio Evans - @antonio.evans

Ryan Davis - @whereisryand

Terrill Jefferson - @terrilljj

Sante Bentivoglio - @santebentivoglio



Bay Street Boards

Bulb by Vladimir Von Klan March 01 2019, 0 Comments

The good homie and super dope photographer Vladimir Von Klan just dropped off his new photo book “BULB”

Vlad is part of the Cosmic Demise crew, and he's known as one of the gnarliest skaters in town. He goes hard and has NO FEAR on his skateboard.

When he's not skating, Vlad is brushing up on his photography skills or helping Cosmic Demise film and edit their epic skate videos!

📷⚡️🔥 Support the local youth and their art! $20 each! LIMITED RUN! SHOP HERE!

Follow Vlad @v_is_crusty

Shaping Surfboards with Local Legend Chano Alvarez! February 20 2019, 0 Comments

Los Angeles was once considered the Mecca of surfboard building. From the humble beginnings of pioneers like Hap Jacobs and Dan Velzy, to the Golden Years where shops like Natural Progression, Blue Cheer and Con made Santa Monica the center of the surfing industry, LA has always been hugely influential in surf manufacturing and design.


As the manufacturing process has shifted to computers and China, the number of true hand shapers has dwindled and the industry is slowly dying off. However, LA still has a rich rich history and continues to produce some of the best shapers in the world, and Chano Alvarez is one of them.

Once an up and coming rider for the classic ZBoys teams, Chano hurt himself charging big waves at Zuma Beach and changed his focus to shaping boards instead of riding them. Working closely with legends like Bruce Grant and Scott Anderson, Chano is now over 40 years in the game and regarded as one of the best at making boards for the local surf conditions. Chano is a shaper who is truly close to our hearts - we all own one or more of his boards, and we always carry tons of his surfboards in our shop. Thus, when it was time for a shaping lesson, we knew who we had to call.


Sante has been learning the craft for a few years, mostly just playing around with the ding repair materials and old broken boards. Now that his boards are getting better and he is taking shaping more seriously, Sante decided to reach out to Chano for some 1 on 1 time in the shaping bay.


These are just a few pics, there are some vids on the way as well as the resulting boards from their time together! Can't wait to show you the rest!


Bay Street Boards

Cosmic Demise Snippet x New Gear January 27 2019, 0 Comments

The second Bay Street shop video is coming in the next few weeks, and we made sure to let the boys from Cosmic Demise have their own part!! Here's a lil snippet of their part to get hyped for the upcoming video. Ali also made sure to keep us stocked up on some of his newest gear, check their updated collection and shop...

Some December Surfing January 07 2019, 0 Comments

December brought some really consistent, solid days of surf - you know the boys were on it!!

First and foremost, our brother Wes found a SICK barrel during a mid-December swell and we luckily got it on video!

Here's some pics of the rest of the squad looking for some barrells and some sections to hit the lip!

Gale Backside Right Off the Lip

Sante Going Left

Carl Bottom Turn
Kern Little Left Tube

Wes On a Nice Right

G Pumping Left

Hope you enjoyed the pics! 

Surfers - Sean Curran, Wes Swartz, Carl Coulam, Sante and Gale Bentivoglio

Photographers - Carlos Soriano, California Mermaid 


Bay Street Boards 

"A Day at Bay" Gear is Here! December 17 2018, 0 Comments

Sante's newest t-shirt design is our hottest one yet!  "A Day at Bay" is a cartoonish rendering by Sante Bentivoglio of the normal day in the life at Santa Monica beach.  Models on Instagram, bums everywhere, surf lessons, trash, waves, and even a couple riding a Bird, this amazing shirt has it all!

Black Friday Sale! November 22 2018, 0 Comments

Black Friday Sale!

New Shop Gear! November 14 2018, 0 Comments

Got a bunch of new gear for the Holidays, including Bay Street hoodies, crew necks, snapbacks, dad hats, floppy, hats, beanies, t-shirts and much more!



Throwaway Shop Video Footage November 13 2018, 0 Comments

THROWAWAY MONTY!!! We getting ready for our next full length video to come out soon. Here’s some throwaway to get you stoked!! Featuring the whole squad @whereisryand @senpig @dollamakeyouballa @henrypower619 @santebentivoglio @kevinhairston_ @flofilms @yorkatron

Labor Day Sale!! August 31 2018, 0 Comments

Bay Street Boards having a mega Labor Day Sale!  Up to 50% OFF on select products, 25% online with code!

Cosmic Demise Is HERE! August 19 2018, 0 Comments

Here at Bay Street we love to support local independent companies, and none make us happier than the kids at Cosmic Demise. Founded by Ali Bilal at the age of 16, Cosmic Demise is not just a clothing company, but a real youth movement. 

Epic South Swell Last Week August 01 2018, 0 Comments

Gale and Carlos went down to OC for the big swell last week. Here's a few photos of the trip!

MEMORIAL DAY SALE! May 25 2018, 0 Comments


Memorial Day Sale Flyer - 25% OFF ALL WEEKEND

Bay Street was MACKING this weekend! May 02 2018, 0 Comments

Last weekend brought some amazing waves and local surfer/photographer Andres Rennella was in the water to capture the Bay Street family in action!

Bay Street Boys - Volume 3 April 24 2018, 0 Comments

The Bay Street Boys are at it again! New edit from the skate team featuring Kevin Hairston, Ryan Davis, Henry Powers and Sante Bentivoglio!



#skate #skateboarding #edit #vx1000


Last week at Bay Street April 15 2018, 0 Comments

Lots of swell and wind, a homeless guy smashing our window, tons of new was a nice long week at Bay Street! Here's a few pics of the action....

This week actually offered Southern California some solid swell action, and you know our boy Sean Curran was there and ready to capture the action. Here's one from Northern LA county.


Another homie of ours Carlos Soriano was also out taking photos of the swell. Below are two shop legends Luca Benti and Lucius Noll in Santa Monica and Venice!

pops off da lip.jpg


Also got some sick merch in this week! Local shaper Chano dropped off a few custom surfboards and companies like DLX and LA'ers brought some fire apparel through!




Peace and blessings,

Bay Street Boards


Spring Break Super Sale!! March 29 2018, 0 Comments

50% EVERYTHING - except surfboards, but we'll do the best we can on those prices as well!!  

Spring Break Sale!


Huge Spring Break / Easter / Spring Cleaning SALE going down!! Come through for big time discounts and deals on all things surf, skate, and apparel!

Rainy Week Vibes March 07 2018, 0 Comments

The last few days been rainy and cold...and there's been no waves! Here's a few recent social media posts we did that captured the vibe this week.

Sean Curran Pier Photography
Good Fishing Raul Guerrero Art Collabo T-Shirts

G during a better winter surf

Thrasher T-Shirt

Palm Tree on a Rainy Day

Sean Curran Photography March 05 2018, 0 Comments

A few days ago a video was posted on Instagram of our main man Sean Curran surfing over at Bay Street.  The video, which can be seen at the end of this post, inspired us to introduce our good friend a bit more formally on here!
kernal insane.jpg
Sean, who goes by many names in our shop like Kerney and Captain Kernal, was born and bred in Santa Monica. A true local, he grew up a few blocks away from the beach in Santa Monica, where he still can be found daily. Sean's been a part of our crew since we were kids, and he was always the most stoked out of the crew, as evidenced by his surf video! He's known to ride any type of board - Kerney can be found having just as much fun on a Wavestorm as on a souped up Anderson single fin.
curran tower 20.jpg
Kerney's love for the surf and nature led him to pursue photography a few years back. Fast forward a few years and he's now one of the premiere surf photographers in LA...his own experience in the water makes him one of the best at capturing the most crucial moments of a surfer's ride. Sean also has a hell of an eye for more scenic shots, and his captures of iconic Los Angeles and California landmarks such as the Santa Monica Pier have earned him recognitition outside of the surf world.
We're blessed to call Captain kernal a friend since childhood and our in-house photographer. He's a true Santa Monica local who really represents everything that's awesome about our local surf and skate scene. We hope you enjoy his photos and surf content as well!


Check him out on his Instagram for more amazing surf photography from one of our best friends and shop ambassadors!  
Below is a video from another fellow Bay Street surfer and photographer, Lawrence - 

Bay Street Boards

Barrel Hunting February 24 2018, 0 Comments

New t-shirt designs and photos for the Bay Street Barrel Hunters!

Shop Vibes February 16 2018, 0 Comments

Shop Vibes this week featuring our favorite brands such as Good Fishing, Ocean Park 26, Rainbow Sandals, Dogtown Skateboards!

Revisiting the 2016 Bay Street Skate Video February 13 2018, 0 Comments

Revisiting the shop full length promo video from 2016 featuring the Bay Street Skate Team!

Bay Street Life is Real January 29 2018, 0 Comments

Bay Street Boys Skate Squadron at Lanark. Life is Real. 💎🏹 

Sante Skate Art Series January 27 2018, 0 Comments

Those who have entered the shop are familiar with this on first sight - Sante's art is everywhere and everything at Bay Street Boards.  Sante Bentivoglio, co-founder and #1 resident artist, has his work in every little nook and cranny of the shop.  Whether it's some stacks of canvas laying on the floor, a bird on the wall, a design on a shirt...Sante does it all for us.

Chico Brenes by Sante Bentivoglio Stevie Williams by Sante Bentivoglio

Recently he's been working on a skate series featuring his all time favorite skaters.  All the pieces are original one of ones, using acrylic straight on the grip tape of some recycled skate decks!  The level of detail on the grip take is insane!

Tom Penny by Sante Bentivoglio Lucas Puig by Sante Bentivoglio

Skaters featured in these pieces are Rodrigo TX, Tom Penny, Stevie Williams, Bastien Salabanzi, Jeron Wilson, Brandon Biebel, Lucas Puig, and Chico Brenes.  

Bastien Salabanzi by Sante Bentivoglio Rodrigo TX by Sante Bentivoglio

These pieces are available for sale in the shop or online.  Look out for more of Sante's art on his website or follow him on his Instagram!

Jeron Wilson by Sante Bentivoglio Brandon Biebel by Sante Bentivoglio

Thank you for supporting the arts and local artists!  

January Brings Us Some Long Awaited Winter Swells!! January 22 2018, 0 Comments

After suffering from weeks of small surf, January finally blessed SoCal with some waves!


G on a dreamer


Following a particularly slow summer, we got a few good days in the fall but most of this early winter season has been in the waist high zone....and even worse, the sand bars have been awful at most of the local spots.That all changed about 2 weeks ago, when a series of storms brought us non stop head high to overhead surf! 


Tomas Baby Barrel at Bay Street


Multiple storms brought SoCal some much needed rain and two full weeks of pumping surf. But with the good comes some bad - horrible mudslides hit Santa Barbara and Ventura, and water contamination has been high.


Sante going left


Two weeks of overhead surf at Bay Street...and some surrounding spots all over Los Angeles county....that's a lot of good surf! Unfortunately the storms are over and we're back to waist high for a few days, so we hope you enjoyed the pics. Till the next swell...


Lucius Noll flying in North Los Angeles


All photos by Sean Curran and Carlos Soriano. Follow them on IG for many more photos!


December Skate Sessions January 14 2018, 0 Comments

The Bay Street skate squad is BACK with the December installation of our monthly skate series!!

November Skate Sessions January 06 2018, 0 Comments

November's installment of the Bay Street Skate team's monthly compilations!

Graham Smith brought in a fleet of fish! December 17 2017, 0 Comments

We recently had the honor of having the legendary South African shaper Graham Smith come through to the shop for a few visits.  Graham is one of the true early pioneers in the South African surf scene, contributing as one of the first shapers in the region.  He's also the father of Jordy Smith, one of the top 3 surfers in the world.  Having shaped boards for his son for over 30 years, Graham knows a thing or two about high performance.

5'7" Blue Graham Smith Swallow Tail Retro Fish

Merging his knowledge of super high performing boards like those he makes for Jordy along with his unique ability to make boards that work for surfers of all levels, Graham brought us a whole fleet of boards made specifically for SoCal surf.  Four beautiful fish/shortboard hybrids are the highlight of the collection.

5'10" Green Graham Smith Swallow Tail Fish

Ranging from 5'6" to 5'10", these boards blend the outline and volume of a fish with the rails and bottom of a high performance thruster.  

5'9" Graham Smith Purple Swallow Fish

5'8" Graham Smith Retro Fish

Ryan Davis & Kevin Hairston going hard for the Bay Street Skate Team! November 28 2017, 0 Comments

Ryan Davis and Kevin Hairston are two Bay Street shop riders that go all out on a daily basis.  If they aren't at Stoner hanging with the crew, you know they are out on the streets hitting it hard.  Here's a few recent clips.

Mini trip out east. @kevinhairston_ 🔥💣✈️ #squad #takeover #wefly

A post shared by Bay Street Boards (@baystreetboards) on

Squad up in DTLA today. 📹: @henrypower619 #dtla #skate #losangeles @kevinhairston_ @whereisryand

A post shared by Bay Street Boards (@baystreetboards) on


Here's some from Ryan's IG, you can follow him at @whereisryand 


Kevin also got some bangers on his IG, go follow him at @kevinhairston_ 

🐉🐲: @avimalina @duckgobarkbark @alexwalters__ @baystreetboards #playboicarti #stonerskatepark

A post shared by Kevin Hairston (@kevinhairston_) on


Big Summer Swell Hits LA in October - Bay Street Crew Charging! October 16 2017, 0 Comments

Summer 2017 was one of the smaller ones we can remember, but October gave us a beautiful swell in return for our patience!  As soon as the swell came knocking the Bay Street crew was ready to hit the points up North, and they didn't disappoint.  

Here's a few from that Saturday morning....

G Bomb

Pops Charger

Sante Left

 Tomas Ripping

 G Flying

 Tomas Flying

All photos by Carlos Soriano.  Follow him on his IG _neverlikehome



New Bay Street Gear for the Fall! September 21 2017, 0 Comments

Fall is here and it's time to get fresh.  We just dropped a bunch of fresh new t-shirt and hat designs, come through or check them out below to cop some Bay Street gear!

Bay Street Cursive Tee #santamonica #baystreet #cursive

Bay Street Loose Fitting Hat #santamonica #hat #bayst

Bay Street Boards Calculations T-Shirt #tee #shirt #baystreet

Bay St Big Letters Loose Fitting Hat

Bay Street Old School Dogtown Santa Monica Tee #dogtown #oldskool

Model - Kevin 

Labor Day SALE !!! September 01 2017, 0 Comments

Get out the heat and get you some beach gear for the LOW this weekend!  We are having a huge end of summer sale for the Labor Day weekend - huge discounts on everything from surfboards to apparel!  

Labor Day Sale

We will be closed Monday!


Shop Rider Kevin Hairston has been BEASTING!!! August 28 2017, 0 Comments

Shop rider Kevin Hairston has not been playing this summer!!  Hyped to be in LA year-round nowadays, Kev has been taking advantage by going hard in the paint and stacking clips daily!!  Follow him on his IG - @kevinhairston_ 


Fall Skate Jam @ Stoner Park!! August 23 2017, 0 Comments

Next month we will be throwing a huge skate jam at Stoner Park on Saturday, September 9th.

The Bay Street Skate crew will be there along with our good friends from two of the dopest local brands, Roller Horror and Devin James.  

There will be a few best trick contests with opportunities to win big! We will also be grilling all afternoon and doing some product tosses so everyone will go home hyped!

Join us for the fun at noon on September 9th! 🤙🏼🔥🌭🍔


Fall Skate Jam with Bay Street Boards at Stoner Park


Bay Street Crew Chasing Waves in Baja August 10 2017, 0 Comments

When the swell forecast for the first week of August showed signs of double-overhead hurricane swell, we knew it was time for a lil Baja action.  Although the swell wasn't as big as advertised, the waves were tons of fun and boys caught plenty of nice, uncrowded waves.

Our boy and LA photographer Carlos Soriano came along to take some photos. Here are a few of our favorites from our quick trip to Baja.

Pull up in the bulletproof spaceship

Gale on a left ramp, Baja Mexico

Tim Duncan checking out the surf in Baja, Mexico

G with the lil backside roundhouse?

Jesus at K38, classic!

Francesco telling the boys to get in the water!

Francesco Velasquez Ripping in Baja, Mexico

Adios Amigos!

All pics are taken by Los Angeles based photographer Carlos Soriano.  You can check out more of his Baja pics, and more amazing shots of LA on his Instagram - @_neverlikehome 


Lemonade Sundays July 19 2017, 0 Comments

Yoooo come join us this Sunday for a big party!!!

Lemonade Sundays is making its way down to LA!  After a successful few events in Northern and Central California, our boys from Good Fishing are ready to throw a sick party!

 🎣🎣🍋🍋 Get ready for some fresh gear, special cocktails and good vibes! 


Lemonade Sundays - Bay Street Boards x Good Fishing

#lemonadesundays #goodfishing#sundayfunday #sunday #summer #party #lit

4th of July Sale on the 3rd!! July 02 2017, 0 Comments

4th of July Sale Sante is Pumped!!!!
Huge 4th of July sale tomorrow! Come through and get hooked up! We'll be closing early so make sure you come by to get some gear!
#4th #sale #the3rd #independenceday #4thofjuly #sales
Holiday Sales on July 3rd!!! #sales #4thofjuly

3 Year Anniversary Party June 30 2017, 0 Comments

Bay Street Anniversary Party Flyer

Come through tonight for our 3 Year Anniversary Party! There will be some dope art from local artists, music bumping all night, and free drinks! The party begins at 7 PM and ends when we're all raged out!

Artists include Julia Taft, Sean Curran, Rachel Garcia, Adam Keely, and Sante Bentivoglio.


Shred The Gnar Surfboards May 25 2017, 0 Comments

Shred The Gnar Surfboard Collection by Bay Street Boards featuring local shaper Sam Vinstein #STG #ShredTheGnar #eTech

If you've been to our shop, you know that we're all about local shapers.  We try to get tons of boards from some of LA's finest boardmakers around, which led us to the factory of E-Tech Glassing, where some revolutionary changes in making environmentally friendly boards were taking place.   Along with his buddy and fellow board maker Ryan Harris, Sam Vinstein was at the forefront of making high performance surfboards with eco-friendly materials.  

STG Shred The Gnar 5 Fin BonzerSTG Shred The Gnar Shortboard 5 Fin Future Set Up High PerformanceShred the Gnar STG Single Fin Speed Channels RetroSTG Shred The Gnar Twin Fin Shortboard

Sam used his years at E-Tech to learn from some of the biggest names in surfing - E-Tech glassed boards for Al Merrick, Matt Biolos at ...Lost, Maurice Cole and many others.  As he glassed boards for some of the biggest companies in the industry, he slowly built his own line of board...Shred The Gnar Surfboards.

Being a real artist since he was a kid, making boards was natural for Sam.  He learned to do everything - on all his boards, everything you see is made and designed by him.  He has a classic LA vibe that's reflected in his art, glass jobs and finishes, original logos and most importantly, the board shapes.  Sam really has a knack for making boards that work, and he can shape anything - high performance shortboards, retro style single fins, bonzers, logs...

Shred The Gnar Single Fin Wing PinShred The Gnar Shortboard 5 Fin High PerformanceShred The Gnar Shortboard SurfboardShred the Gnar STG #shredthegnar #pig #longboard

 All Shred the Gnar surfboards are made using the most environmentally conscoius materials available in the surf industry - `100% recyclable Marko Foam, eco-friendly BioSAP resin.  Sam is a pioneer when it comes to working with eco-friendly materials, and the result is a super strong and recyclable epoxy boards that float great and are very light!  But most importantly, Sam's boards are made with love and made to work!

Support you local shapers and surf shops!

Shacked Mag April 08 2017, 0 Comments

Shacked Mag is a sick local e-magazine dedicated to the local surf and skate scene!  Features products from local companies like Ocean Park 26 and Hecho in Venice and includes sick photo galleries and stories about the local surf spots and history.  

The fellas at Shacked Mag were kind enough to write a little review on the shop - we're always stoked to have them here!  Check out the story at this link - thanks for the love Kevin!


Bay Street Boards Shacked Mag Online Review by Kevin Osborne Ocean Park 26